KickStartPT Offer Personal Training Services to Clients in Swansea, Llanelli and Across South West Wales

KickStartPT specialise in offering personal training, strength and conditioning, and nutritional advice to improve the fitness, health and performance of people in the Llanelli, Carmarthen & Swansea areas of South Wales. At KickStartPT, we care about your wellbeing, so we offer a personalised and professional service appropriate to clients individual circumstances in order to set realistic goals and ensure that these are achieved over time. When you work with KickStartPT, our senior personal trainer Dan Stanley, will make sure that we are focused on getting the very best out of you.


About Dan

Dan Stanley is a fitness professional who leads by example.

Dan has amassed a wealth of experience, knowledge and qualifications from across the fitness industry and from within the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (a highly selective and specialist Corps who are responsible for the physical fitness of the British Army).

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Why KickStartPT?

We’ll start with a bold statement!  KickStartPT is unique in the Personal Training Industry.

We don’t believe in:

Abdominal crunches, Bicep curls or Bonsu balls.  We don’t believe in power walking, steady state cardio or even isolation exercises.  We don’t believe in giving our clients false hope!

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Personal Training

We utilise High Intensity, Constantly Varied, Functional Movements!

We believe in providing our clients with challenging and rewarding workouts! We believe that you only get out our training and diet what you put in.

Our trainers and clients become a team. By working together, as a team we will achieve the results you want!

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Educate, Motivate, Accelerate!

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