Dan Stanley

Dan Stanley is a fitness professional who leads by example.

Dan has amassed a wealth of experience, knowledge and qualifications from across the fitness industry and from within the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (a highly selective and specialist Corps who are responsible for the physical fitness of the British Army).

Dan Stanley

Founder & Freelance Personal Trainer

Military Career

Dan has enjoyed a very successful and rewarding military career. He began his 11 career as a tradesman within the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and finished as a Staff Sergeant in the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC).


The RAPTC is a highly selective group of men and woman whose primary role is to promote and deliver Sport, Health and Fitness to the British Army. The selection/transfer process into the RAPTC involves a rigorous nine month probationer’s course – hence been highly selective. Dan’s ability and dedication during the nine month probationer’s course were recognised as he was awarded the position of ‘top student’ and given the choice of the assignments that followed. Never one to back away from a challenge Dan choose to be assigned to work within 3 Commando Brigade (with the Royal Marines).  This meant that he would have to undergo the rigors of Commando Training.

Dan fully endorses the Royal Marines advertising campaign, ‘99.9% need not apply’. Thoroughly demanding, both mentally and physically, completing the nine week Commando Course and being award the coveted ‘green beret’ was the highlight of Dan’s military career.

Dan spent the next 3 years as the senior instructor in charge of delivering commando training to both Officers and Soldiers of the British Army who aspired to become Commando trained. Dan’s professionalism and commitment to both his team and his students earned him further recognition in terms of both promotion and awards.

Qualifications & Experience

Dan is both current and competent within the fitness industry. Dan is a fully insured Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer who is affiliated with the Register of Exercise Professionals; the governing body of the UK’s Fitness Industry. Dan also holds a Foundation Degree in Sport, Health & Fitness and an Award in Coaching & Mentoring for Performance.


Additionally, Dan has completed a range of fitness industry courses linked to his area of expertises; that been Functional Fitness Training. Dan utilises aspects of Strength & Conditioning, Kettlebell Training and Movement Screening to ensure he gets the very best from his clients in Swansea and Llanelli.

Dan will also be completing the Crossfit Level 1 Coaching Course in January 2014.

Dan and Fitness

Dan believes that we should use our fitness to achieve and accomplish our life’s ambitions. Dan asks all his clients ‘when it hurts, when you’re tired, when you want to stop, what will keep you moving forward?’

Training to ‘look good’ in the mirror is a short term fix whereas training to achieve a lifelong ambition is what will see you through to the end.


In the last 12 months Dan has used his fitness to: Run a Marathon, Cycle John O’Groats to Lands End (unaided and camping), Complete the 3 Peaks Challenge in 24 Hours and to run the Tough Mudder.

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