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Real people, real testimonials! We know we are good but don’t just take our word for it! Here’s just a selection of what KickStartPTs’ clients have to say about our services.

We offer a quality product. As with all products and services there are varying standards. Our standard is higher than our competition. We know this because our clients tell us so.

Here’s just what a few of our clients have to say about our services:


Dan’s been great! Since starting with KickStart just over a month ago Dan has helped me realise what I have been doing wrong for so many years. I’ve reduced my weekly training time by half; I feel great, I’ve improved my fitness levels and now have more time to spend with my family!
A Large
I used complete three cardio sessions and three separate weight training sessions a week but I didn’t feel I my efforts were been rewarded into terms of the progress I was seeing. Dan has completely changed the way I train. We combine both intensive cardio workouts and resistance training into the same session. The outcome, I have lost over 2 inches off my waist and my upper body has improved tone; I say I am the fittest I have been since I was in my early thirties.
T James



I signed myself up for the 3 Peaks Charity Challenge in order to raise money for a very worthy cause. As I got closer to the event I began to worry thinking I would fail and let people down so I started looking for a personal trainer to help me. As soon as I met Dan I knew I was in safe hands; he was very professional and his passion for helping others was immediately clear. He gave me not only the fitness I needed to complete the challenge but also the confidence to believe in myself too! I found Dan to be a great motivator! Dan’s Army experience was a real added bonus too – he created a ‘how to guide’ for the 3 Peaks which was full of useful tips, especially about what to eat and when.
C Jackson
I have used other personal trainers in the past but from the moment I sat with Dan at our initial consultation I knew he was different! He was extremely professional; His approach to training is different from what I had encountered previously and I must admit I was slightly nervous about his high intensity approach. I needn’t have been though, Dan quickly worked out my limitations and then set about delivering both rewarding and challenging workouts. I particularly like the way Dan explains the purpose of each session; I suppose I like knowing what the hard work will result in!
P Thomas



I have always enjoyed keeping fit but when I received a promotion at work I found I was working longer hours and not having the time to go to the gym or for a run. Looking back, if I am honest with myself, I was just finding excuses not to train. Dan put a stop to this, not only did he hold me accountable, he also helped me with my time management too. I now work smarter and have time to train. I really benefited from Dan’s nutritional advice too. I have always thought that restricting my calories will help me lose weight but now I know that was counterproductive – I was just starving myself. I now eat healthier meals more frequently and I’ve lost weight – It’s great!
E Evans
SSgt Stanley is the consummate professional who clearly embodies the values and standards of 24 Commando Engineer Regiment; furthermore he upholds the commando ethos. SSgt Stanley’s work is of a consistently high standard.  His enthusiasm, personality and drive are contagious and this is reflected in both the trainees he is responsible for and the team he leads. His selfless commitment, morale courage, total professionalism and sheer determination encourages’ those that work with him to realise their full potential.  Hardworking and determined he is both reliable and well directed.  He has earned a solid reputation; a reputation for which he should be commended. It is for these outstanding commando qualities that SSgt Stanley is awarded the Sgt Thomas Durant VC Award for 2012.
Lieutenant Colonel L Tingey, Commanding Officer 24 Commando Engineer Regiment



I’ve been training with Dan for about a month now and I really enjoy the training sessions. They are varied and fun, Dan tailors them to meet my specific targets that I want to achieve. The first session was about establishing my baseline fitness. The following weeks were about working on a programme to improve my overall strength and fitness – no running on the treadmill while he watches me sweat – just lots of different exercises that I would never have thought of and every session is different.

He doesn’t bore me with fitness stories, but he explains why we are about to do a particular exercise and what it’s doing to my body. I’ve used fitness instructors in the past but Dan’s knowledge and commitment have ensured that I have seen credible gains in both strength and fitness in a short period of time. If you lack the motivation to get fit or you’ve been trying the same old routines but getting nowhere (like me) then you cannot fail by having Dan as your personal instructor.

A Hillier
I have been training with Dan Stanley of Kickstart PT for 6 weeks and I am really happy with the progress I have made in such a short time. When I started with Kickstart we completed a baseline assessment of my fitness level. I completed the assessment in 6 minutes. With Dan’s expert guidance, encouragement and support I have improved my fitness and in my recent baseline assessment my time was down to a little over 4 minutes, a massive improvement. Each time I train with Kickstart the exercise routine is different and tailored to suit my needs. I feel reassured that Dan is always there to ensure that I am completing the exercises safely and that I am doing the exercises properly for maximum benefit. Dan has given me exercises that I can do at home and advice on what to eat, ensuring that my efforts in the gym are not wasted. As well as feeling much better in myself, people have commented that I am looking fitter and clothes are fitting a little easier. I would recommend Dan Stanley and the Kickstart PT programme to anyone who is committed to improving their fitness, but who needs support in maintaining focus.
D Melrose



When I started my training for the Royal Marines I was budding endurance athlete with no upper body strength.  With little knowledge of how to train properly things were not going well, with my fitness assessments looming I decided to seek some serious help.

Dan’s High Intensity, Crossfit style approach to fitness caused my body shape to change rapidly. I went from being 65Kg and being barely able to do a pull up, to 75Kg and smashing out multiple sets of 4 reps to the standards required by the Royal Marines in 16 weeks! But not only was my upper body strength increasing I was able to improve my running. Something that had proved impossible previously!

His favourite phrase ‘Fitter, Faster, Stronger’ is drummed into you for a reason… the regime works!  When I finished my sessions I was definitely fitter, faster and stronger than I thought could be achieved in the time frame I had.

If you need a personal trainer… Do NOT go anywhere else!  You will not find a more enthusiastic, motivating and professional Personal Trainer than Dan.

K Thompson
I started with Dan in January of this year and can honestly say it has been a life changing experience, not only have I hit my target weight, dropped 3 – 4 dress sizes but have never been so fit in my life. I am a 42 yr old mum of 3.

It was been a truly enjoyable experience and we have laughed along the way. Dan has been a fantastic support and is always there to speak to if you need advice or inspiration.

I can now lift more than my own body weight as well as taking up running; I could not run at school and now I run 10k three times a week and have competed in races.

I am the proof that you don’t need to live on lettuce leaves to get to where you want to be. I am more confident and happier than I have been for a long time and people come up to me who have not seen me since I started and did not recognise me.

Whatever your goals, fitness, weight loss. Dan can help you achieve then. To people to say they can’t then I am the proof that yes you can. It’s never too late to start.

S Rosser



Before meeting with Dan I was in the worst shape of my life due to work and family commitments. I found conventional weight training very tedious and my training was consequently inconsistent.

The introductory session was all about me. Dan asked a series of questions about my work/life/training balance clearly wanting to get a feel for my goals. Dan subsequently tailored a fitness programme that coincided with my hectic lifestyle. Dan closely monitors my performance in every session which then enables us to track my progress.

Dan’s methods are unconventional but extremely effective. He is a total professional and is so passionate about fitness. He is an extremely likeable and genuine guy and I would recommend his services to anyone.

I have already recommended family members to Dan who are all very impressed with what he advocates.

L Taffetsauffer
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