Top 6 Gym Mistakes

Are you Guilty?


The point of this post is help gym-goers to identify why they aren’t making progress…  If you recognise any of the points below then do something about it – if you don’t know what to do then feel free to ask me…

Here’s just a few of the things I see happening on a daily basis… 

1 You always stick to the same workout

Change your programme after four to six weeks, otherwise you get into a pattern and you stop producing results because your body has hit a plateau (it has adapted to the stimulus you have placed on it).

2 You go every day

You may be someone who can’t do anything by halves, but working out every day is not sustainable – either physically or mentally. If you go every day you won’t be able to maintain a useful intensity and you’ll get bored; it will become a chore and you’ll start missing sessions and losing motivation.

3 You exercise aimlessly

Exercise is enjoyable – fact!  But once the high of quick results wears off it can seem a bit pointless, especially if you keep doing the ‘same old, same old’. Set short-term goals in mind to keep you motivated and chart your progress. A short-term goal might be to improve your treadmill speed by a notch or squeeze out an extra few reps on your pull ups. Goal setting is a good way to keep yourself motivated and on track.  

4 You stick to the machines

You’ve reached a plateau and are struggling to move that pin on to heavier weights on your favourite machine. Why? Because machines will only get you so far!  The best way to train (and) achieve your goals quickly is to use bodyweight movements in conjunction with barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells…  The only thing intense about machines is the loud noises the ‘huge’ guys make when using them…  Master your own bodyweight – Get intense…

5 You don’t warm up

I see it everyday.  Guys and girls come into the gym and start training straight away…  Two things are wrong with this…  Firstly, no warm up will lead to injury!  Muscle are cold and connectives tissues are tight.  Secondly, physiologically you won’t be in the right mind-set!  The warm up should allow you to get a better understanding of how your feeling and give you time to think about how hard you are going to work in the following session.

6 You spend more time on your phone than you do training

No explanation required here – Just don’t do it!

Get in, warm up, work hard (towards your goal/s) and get out…  If you’re in the gym longer than one hour your likely to be doing something wrong.

Finally, I challenge you!  Look around the gym this week see how many of the above mistakes you can see…