The true (and painful) cost of cheat days…


Here’s one for all you 100 Day Burpee Challengers

We all love a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, we all like a slice of pizza and we all need a class of vino or a beer every once in a while.

Occasionally we slip up with our diets and sneak in some junk food, when we do, we often don’t realise the cost of calories we are consuming.

Here’s an extract from an article I read concerning Food, Energy Expenditure (burning calories) and our Favourite Exercise – BURPEES.

How many Burpees does it all cost…

In the table below you will see the cost in energy expenditure for athletes (you) who weigh 9 st 3 lbs, 12st 8lbs and 15 st respectively.


The message here is moderation…

We all like a treat (and if you don’t, you’re a fitness bore)…  So when we treat ourselves, lets make sure of three things.  Firstly we have earned what we are eating (or drinking) through making sensible dietary choices and committing to quality training.  Secondly we don’t over indulge and lastly, we pay into our burpee bank!!!

I hope all of you 100 Day Burpee Challengers are going strong!  It’s not long until Day 25…  Keep up the good work!

Don’t Forget to Pay into the Burpee Bank!